Earth calling Karim Khan … no response

The Bucha false flag scenario is inexorably falling apart just days after it was noisily launched. Not tarrying far behind the “international community” political clowns, whose boiler plate “assessments” of what supposedly happened hit the airwaves within an hour of the alleged occurrence, the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague also made it known … Read more

Višeslav Simić: Oh, Hannah, if only you could see it!

The Banality of Evil v. The Splendor of Goodness One  might  wonder  if  Hannah  Arendt’s  disposition appears  to  us today so gloomy and bitter because she had witnessed and understood the banality  of  evil during  the  Eichmann’s  Jerusalem  trials. Yet, it  is  more certain         that         it         was from her         not         having         witnessed (although, theoretically, she might … Read more

Ukrainian war crimes Tribunal – a moral imperative

As reports of atrocities and human rights violations in Ukraine mount, corroborated by extensive witness testimony and much tangible evidence (and here), it becomes paramount to consider ways and means of punishing instigators, enablers, and direct perpetrators of these outrages. It is equally important to preserve the legal and historical record of thesе crimes and … Read more

U.S./NATO Blitzkrieg Against Serbia in 1999 Led to Today’s War in Ukraine – Daniel Kovalik

The U.S. has claimed that it is more equal than others, and it has acted on this claim to the detriment of millions around the world. The world is now pushing back against this In the following interview for Strategic Culture Foundation, Daniel Kovalik explains how the U.S.-led war against the former Yugoslavia in 1999 … Read more