Republic of Srpska newly elected leader faces mortal threat

America’s outstanding public philosopher and occasional baseball personality, Yogi Berra (not to be confused with the equally prominent cartoon character Yogi Bear) was in the habit of sharing an amazing thought that only a genius of his calibre could devise: “It’s not over till it’s over.” Readers should ponder it. The general consensus of exegetes … Read more

“Orange Revolution” in Bosnia Gains Momentum? Republic of Srpska Elections

It seems that our initial assessment that the post Sunday October 2 elections Orange Revolution unleashed in the Republic of Srpska was floundering was a bit premature, as much as was the opposition’s triumphant parade on election night, before the votes were even counted. Realistically, had it depended entirely on the political resources and acumen … Read more

In the Republic of Srpska, so far another Orange Revolution falls flat

In the midst of several geopolitically important elections (Brasil, Bulgaria) which all took place on Sunday, the one in the Republic of Srpska may have gone somewhat under the radar. Arguably, however, it was no less important. The Republic of Srpska is the Serbian entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it wields considerable influence and … Read more

Russia illegally annexes its own land and people, according to Western experts

Yes, that is the unanimous refrain of Western opinion makers following the referendums conducted in the four regions of Eastern Ukraine. That the overwhelming majority of the population there, braving deadly Ukrainian artillery barrages, expressed their preference to be part of Russia, and not of the discriminatory Ukrainian state (or whatever is ultimately left of … Read more