The new meaning of genocide

This analysis of the Covid pandemic and its background was published on April 26, 2020, over a year ago. At that time the health crisis was in its initial stages. We will let readers judge, in light of subsequent events and new information gained since then, how prophetic this article was. It is a paraphrase, … Read more

George Szamuely: Freedom of speech in Europe continues to wane

Even as European politicians and journalists continue to fulminate over the denial of freedom in Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China, they are more than happy to stamp out freedom of expression in Europe itself. The other day, Bosnia and Herzegovina made it illegal to deny “genocide.” One must correct that statement right away because Bosnia and Herzegovina … Read more

The descent into (utter) madness

Little wonder that here and there sanity nostalgia is gripping the Western world, at least those isolated portions of it that are not internalising the sinister “new normal.” But it is seemingly to no avail. All commanding positions are firmly in the hands of lunatics, who are determined to turn a once great and exemplary … Read more

Dr. Vernon Coleman: UPDATED – How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?

Dr Vernon Coleman is a distinguished British physician and medical researcher, author of dozens of acclaimed books on medical subjects, and until recently a columnist on health issues in several major British newspapers. That was “until recently” because at the start of the controversial Covid-19 pandemic he took a resolutely critical stance toward every pillar … Read more

Mileva Marić – Albert Einstein’s Forgotten Serbian Wife

This production reveals much pertinent information about the interaction between Albert Einstein and his Serbian first wife Mileva Marić, which accounts for laying the foundation for the scientific opus attributed to Einstein. This film dovetails with the initiative to award Mileva Marić a posthumous Nobel Prize in physics for her colossal achievements many of which … Read more

Prof. Jerry Kroth: Belarus and Bolivia

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor Emeritus from Santa Clara University, comments on the latest propaganda firestorm instigated by the imperial power centres and its lap dog media The American mainstream media is having a hissy fit of virtue signaling at the ‘appalling’ act of aviation piracy of Belarus’ Lukashenko who forced an aircraft to … Read more