Ukrainian war crimes Tribunal – a moral imperative

As reports of atrocities and human rights violations in Ukraine mount, corroborated by extensive witness testimony and much tangible evidence (and here), it becomes paramount to consider ways and means of punishing instigators, enablers, and direct perpetrators of these outrages. It is equally important to preserve the legal and historical record of thesе crimes and … Read more

U.S./NATO Blitzkrieg Against Serbia in 1999 Led to Today’s War in Ukraine – Daniel Kovalik

The U.S. has claimed that it is more equal than others, and it has acted on this claim to the detriment of millions around the world. The world is now pushing back against this In the following interview for Strategic Culture Foundation, Daniel Kovalik explains how the U.S.-led war against the former Yugoslavia in 1999 … Read more

Madeleine Albright: in memoriam?

As the Latin saying goes, De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Fair enough, and for most deceased a modest effort would probably suffice to act in the spirit of this sentiment and find something decent to say. However, in the case of the recently departed Madeleine Albright, one is genuinely hard put to find even a … Read more

What is Bergoglio up to?

Orthodox believers will remain unfazed by this, and one may also assume that many followers of the disintegrating Roman Catholic church will be equally unimpressed, but nevertheless a recent Vatican announcement about “consecrating” Russia and Ukraine on March 25 (while some derision is allowed) should not be taken lightly. To be precise, it may and should be … Read more

Andrew Korybko: Does Serbia’s Explanation Of Its Anti-Russian UNGA Vote Hold Up To Scrutiny?

Russia seems to informally understand Serbia’s predicament of coming under unprecedented US-led Western pressure but would still have preferred for its top Balkan partner to have abstained from that resolution against its special military operation in Ukraine instead of voted in its support. Serbian President Vucic explained his country’s surprising support of the recent anti-Russian resolution at the United … Read more

Bulgarian journalist confronts US official over secret biolabs

In addition to the placement of offensive weapons as close as possible to the Russian heartland, the other major purpose of the Western occupation of the Ukraine is to close the ring of biological laboratories which surround the territory of the Russian Federation. Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has dealt extensively with this issue, as … Read more

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: At last the COVID-19 trial begins

What follows is the opening statement of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, the German-American lawyer, on the first day of COVID-19 pandemic proceedings. Dr. Fuellmich’s initial remarks encapsulate superbly the findings of the international commission he organized with a number of collaborators mainly from the world of science to study the nature and background of the pandemic … Read more

F. William Engdahl: Now the organized takedown of global fertilizer supply?

The global energy shortages which have driven prices for coal, oil and natural gas to explosive highs in the last months are a predictable consequence of the mad pursuit of “Zero Carbon” economic policies that have seen foolish governments subsidize a growing share of electricity from unreliable solar and wind generation. One consequence has been … Read more