Ken Leslie: The last taboo

We recommend to our readers this remarkable and wide-ranging treatise by Mr. Ken Leslie. It is an in-depth analysis of several interrelated issue and a powerful plea for the spiritual and cultural unity of Slavic nations. The author focuses in particular on the malignant role of the Roman Catholic Church in misleading and splintering Slavdom … Read more

Andrei Rayevski: Drazha Mihailovich – the man upon whom the future Serbia will be rebuilt!

This is a very special day for me, because the topics I will be covering are all very dear to my heart and to my entire family.  Following the Bolshevik revolution my family and another 1.5 million Russians fled their beloved motherland at the end of the civil war.  All our so-called European “allies” immediately … Read more

Target Orthodox Church: NATO’s eastern crusades

Needless to say, the important and portentous story of the attempted subversion of the Orthodox Church using the intelligence and political instruments still at the disposal of the moribund post-Christian West has gone virtually unreported, uncommented, and uncondemned. It concerns the multi-front offensive currently being unleashed against the most ancient and authentic Christian communion, the … Read more