Reiss Institute goals consist of two kinds of activities. The first is preservation of historical memory of the German-Swiss scientist and humanitarian Archibald Reiss, who became a steadfast and sincere friend of the Serbian people when, at the beginning of the twentieth century, its fate literally hung in the balance. The other is to reconstitute and refresh in the present social circumstances the values of that Serbia which, in a different historical period, was irresistibly attractive to Archibald Reiss. Those values are profound commitment to lofty democratic ideals, responsible and competent public service, self-abnegation, patriotism and self-sacrifice.

We are deeply convinced that those values remain vibrant and have not run their course since becoming incarnate in the Serbian people and their society at the beginning of the twentieth century, and that they remain the lofty ideal of Serbian society at the beginning of the twenty-first.

Our public work in Serbia and the Serbian diaspora will therefore include the following activities:

* Cultivating remembrance of Archibald Reiss on our website, organizing appropriate memorial events in his honor, and publishing about his life and achievements.

* Presenting for emulation to the general public the values of truthfulness, self-sacrifice, cosmopolitan patriotism, and a self-critical stance that distinguish Archibald Reiss and make him suitable as a role-model for contemporary generations.

* Publishing activity:  The Institute’s publishing activity is inspired by the aforementioned ideals. It strives to reaffirm the values, exemplary personalities, and institutions which shaped Serbia at the beginning of the twentieth century and which we believe are a true and tested guide to Serbia’s future. Our publishing activities encompass the fields of Serbian history, social criticism, political science, political philosophy, literary criticism, and scholarly essays on these and related subjects.

* The Reiss Institute maintains the internet website „Serbia Unchained,“ in Serbian and English, which is devoted to the history of the Serbian people in the period of grave challenges that it faced throughout the twentieth century, a critical re-examination of controversial historical events during that period, as well as sensitive issues relative to the geopolitical position of the Serbian nation. The website will be supported by appropriate video presentations.

* The Reiss Institute asserts as one of its main aims the creation of public space where it will be possible to responsibly, thoughtfully, and competently discuss all issues that are encompassed within the scope of the Institute’s goals. With that aim in mind, the Institute organizes public gatherings, lectures, book presentations, and other related activities which serve to familiarize the general public with topics relevant to the Institute’s works.

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