Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: At last the COVID-19 trial begins

What follows is the opening statement of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, the German-American lawyer, on the first day of COVID-19 pandemic proceedings. Dr. Fuellmich’s initial remarks encapsulate superbly the findings of the international commission he organized with a number of collaborators mainly from the world of science to study the nature and background of the pandemic … Read more

Nebojša Malić: The Great Slaughter: A forgotten genocide of WWII

The genocidal slaughter of up to a million Serbs during World War II in the “Independent State of Croatia,” a Roman Catholic Nazi satellite carved out of German-occupied Yugoslavia, has gone largely unnoticed in Western historiography. The massacre’s close association with the Roman Catholic church and Vatican’s geopolitical machinations in the Balkans may have been … Read more

F. William Engdahl: Now the organized takedown of global fertilizer supply?

The global energy shortages which have driven prices for coal, oil and natural gas to explosive highs in the last months are a predictable consequence of the mad pursuit of “Zero Carbon” economic policies that have seen foolish governments subsidize a growing share of electricity from unreliable solar and wind generation. One consequence has been … Read more