Prof. Alexandra Kostina and Prof. Valeria Z. Nollan: “To Hate All Things Russian”: Russia’s Contributions to the Treasure-trove of World Civilization

In his article for The Atlantic of July 24, 2022 “Don’t Blame Dostoevsky,” Mikhail Shishkin makes a false start right away.[i]  He rationalizes hate for a nation and its culture in the first sentence: “I understand why people hate all things Russian right now.” From the outset he tells readers it is permissible to hate … Read more

Andrei Martyanov: The Collapse of America: Distant Early Warning Signs of Uncle Sam’s Demise

It took Russia twenty years to return to being a normal state with a vibrant economy, powerful armed forces and self-respect, but Russians still had a nation, even in those horrifying times of the 1990s so-called “liberal” experiment. “The United States doesn’t have a nation anymore. Not even close, and if the magnificence and power, … Read more