Prof. Višeslav Simić: De nullitate fœderum[1] Најкраћи списак основа за ништавност велеиздаје

Чињеница је да је међународно право доживело свој coup de grâce[2] 1999. године нападом САД/НАТО на Југославију[3] и Србе, а да су и последњи његови остаци раскомадани у Авганистану, Ираку, Либији, Сирији, Јемену, Малорусији… Државе и међународне организације предвођене Сједињеним државама Америке, познатије као Колективни Запад, су, после нестанка СССР-а и успостављања једнополарног света, поставиле нова правила[4] по којима само сила или немоћ вреде … Read more

ICC irreversibly crosses the line of legal decency

Acting at the behest of its political controllers and paymasters, the racist International Criminal Court [ICC], whose principal activity since its founding in 2003 has been the malicious persecution of black African leaders, now, for a change, targets for judicial abuse a distinguished Eurasian figure. Observers with an attention span of more than fifteen minutes … Read more

Self-liberation in NATO occupied Belgrade

The late Gene Sharp, ideological godfather of countless colour revolutions, probably would not be pleased to see his teachings posthumously hijacked by a most unconventional activist. Father Anthony is an the unyielding, pesky Serbian Orthodox cleric who gets high on driving his country’s authorities crazy, but has he heard of Gene Sharp? Or ever read … Read more

On “Prisoners of conscience” who fell through the cracks of EU values

Those who watched Duran associate Alex Christoforou’s podcast the other day [at 18 to 19:45 minutes] must have been as taken aback as I  was by Alex’s revelation of the unsavoury fate of Spanish journalist Pablo Gonzales in European “values” stronghold Poland. Gonzales, a Spanish (another “EU values” country) citizen, it turns out has been … Read more

Making snow black

The infamous Carl Rove (we shall not bother with an explanatory note, whoever remembers this cowboy and is still interested may look him up) twenty and some years ago articulated the gist of the empire’s swaggering  ideology: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that … Read more