Višeslav Simić: Oh, Hannah, if only you could see it!

The Banality of Evil v. The Splendor of Goodness One  might  wonder  if  Hannah  Arendt’s  disposition appears  to  us today so gloomy and bitter because she had witnessed and understood the banality  of  evil during  the  Eichmann’s  Jerusalem  trials. Yet, it  is  more certain         that         it         was from her         not         having         witnessed (although, theoretically, she might … Read more

Nebojša Malić: The Great Slaughter: A forgotten genocide of WWII

The genocidal slaughter of up to a million Serbs during World War II in the “Independent State of Croatia,” a Roman Catholic Nazi satellite carved out of German-occupied Yugoslavia, has gone largely unnoticed in Western historiography. The massacre’s close association with the Roman Catholic church and Vatican’s geopolitical machinations in the Balkans may have been … Read more

Mileva Marić – Albert Einstein’s Forgotten Serbian Wife

This production reveals much pertinent information about the interaction between Albert Einstein and his Serbian first wife Mileva Marić, which accounts for laying the foundation for the scientific opus attributed to Einstein. This film dovetails with the initiative to award Mileva Marić a posthumous Nobel Prize in physics for her colossal achievements many of which … Read more

Allied bombing map for Yugoslavia in 1944

It would perhaps be more accurate to put the word “Allied” in quotes. Enemies are bombed, not allies. True, a few bombs were dropped on Zagreb, the capital of the Axis “Independent State of Croatia,” but not on purpose as happened with Belgrade and other Serbian cities. US and British bombers got rid of some … Read more

Prof. Gideon Greiff on Jasenovac

The predominantly hostile reception in major Western countries given to the Serbian film “Dara from Jasenovac” (which may be viewed here in the original version, at least until it is removed from the internet for “violating community standards,” as the version with English-language subtitles was recently) should be a wake-up call to Serbs. The film was not produced for the purpose of winning an Oscar but in order to belatedly (the tardiness was a mere 80 years) tell the story of the holocaust in the Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia. After the Oscar candidacy was announced but before any of the movie critics in the West had an opportunity to see the film or assess its artistic worth,  “Los Angeles Times,” “Variety,” and a number of other publications denounced it as a projection of Serbian nationalistic phantasies. It is in that context that Israeli historian Prof. Gideon Greiff’s interview on  Israeli TV about the Croatian-run Jasenovac concentration camp is of particular significance.


Joseph Biden about the Serbian people

Joseph Biden’s insolent “congratulatory message” on the ocassion of Serbia’s National holiday in February 2021 hugely embittered Serbian public opinion. But it should not have surprised anyone. Views expressed in the message, advocating recognition by Serbia of the illegal, secessionist regime in Kosovo which functions under NATO occupation, are a logical synthesis of Biden’s hate-filled earlier diatribes against the Serbian people. This compilation of his previous statements reflects that clearly.

Mihailovich’s Allied pilots rescue operation

In the summer of 1944 the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland, also known as Chetniks, assembled in Serbia and made possible the rescue of over 500 downed Allied airmen. Known as Operation Halyard, the rescue mission was downplayed for decades in order not to unduly irritate Yugoslavia’s Communist authorities. Since then, much information about that … Read more

Allied pilots rescued by Serbian Chetniks — The Forgotten 500

The Forgotten 500: The Untold Story of the Men Who Risked All for the Greatest Rescue Mission of World War II

(New American Library, August 2007)

By Gregory A. Freeman

One of the last untold stories of World War II is also one of the greatest – a story of adventure, daring, danger and heroics, followed by a web of conspiracy, lies, and coverup.

THE FORGOTTEN 500 is one of the greatest rescue and escape stories ever, but hardly anyone has heard about it. And that’s by design. The U.S., British, and Yugoslav governments hid details of this story for decades, purposefully denying credit to the heroic rescuers and the foreign ally who gave his life to help allied airmen as they were hunted down by Nazis in the hills of Yugoslavia.

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Operation Halyard Serbian Chetnik rescue mission

Operation Halyard (or Halyard Mission), known in Serbian as Operation Air Bridge (Serbian: Операција Ваздушни мост), was an Allied airlift operation behind Axis lines during World War II. In July 1944, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) drew up plans to send a team to Chetniks led by General Draža Mihailović in the German-occupied Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia for the purpose of evacuating Allied airmen shot down over that area.[2]This team, known … Read more